Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What's in your beach bag?

Summertime is here and with that comes Summer reading!!  When I lived in California I would take my book out on the patio or to the beach and spend the day reading outside.  Here in the Midwest, it is a little to hot for me to spend the day outside reading so it's something to do inside in the air conditioning.  This summer I am participating in the summer reading program at the library.  The goal for that program is to read five books set in five different continents which I think sounds fun!  I also hope to catch up on books I have purchased and haven't had time for yet.

What's in your Beach Bag? is a summer reading link up for bloggers hosted by  It's a way to show off what you are excited to read this summer.  If you are interested in participating, you should check out their blogs for more information.

My summer list is kind of long and I am not sure if I will get to everything or not, but I will definitely try!

I plan to continue the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich this summer.  I love this series and it is perfect for summer reading. My grandma sent me numbers 10-15 so I am hoping to make a dent in the series.


 I downloaded these books to my nook when I first bought it and haven't had a chance to start any of them.  I have heard great things about all three and can't wait to get to them.

These three books are for the summer reading program at my local library.  I have already read books set in Europe (Revolution) and Africa (Long Way Gone) so these three cover Asia, South America and North America.  Johnny One-Eye is also the June pick for my book club.

I am really excited to read this book and it's also part of the Henry VIII challenge that I am participating in this year.

This is the book I am the most anxious to read this summer.  It comes out on June 21 and I have pre-ordered it to go directly to my Nook.  I loved The Bronze Horseman and Tatiana and Alexander and am ready to see how the story ends.

That's what's in my beach bag this summer.  What's in yours?


  1. Your picks are awesome! I have Madame Tussaud on my shelf just waiting for me to crack it open!

    And Janet Evanovitch rules school!

    Thanks for joining What's In Your Beach Bag!!!

  2. I just read The Bronze Horseman recently and loved it. I just got Tatiana and Alexander and am getting ready to start it. I cannot wait to read the whole series to see how it ends too!

  3. Great picks! I recently bought The Name of the Wind because I've heard such great things about it. Enjoy your summer reads :)

  4. In the Garden of Beasts is a great read and Madame Tussaud is amazing!


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