Friday, October 19, 2012

Quick Review: "The Lady's Slipper" by Deborah Swift

From Goodreads:  1660. King Charles II has returned from exile, but memories of the English Civil War still rankle. There are old scores to settle, and religious differences threaten to overturn a fragile peace. When Alice Ibbetson discovers a rare orchid, the Lady’s Slipper, growing in a wood belonging to Richard Wheeler, she is captivated by its beauty— though Wheeler, a Quaker, is determined to keep the flower where God intended it to grow. Knowing that the orchid is the last of its kind, she steals the flower, little dreaming that her seemingly simple act will set off a chain of events that will lead to murder and exile, and change her life forever…

My Thoughts:  The Lady's Slipper was not at all what I expected it to be but it wound up being a decent read.  The story took me a while to get into.  It started very abruptly and I couldn't understand what was going on and why Alice decided to steal the flower.  It was only after I had read a bit that I began to see where the story is going.

The story takes place not long after the Restoration in England.  Alice kind of seemed like a secondary character as the story mostly focuses on the battles between the Quakers and the Royalists.  Alice stealing the lady's slipper kind of became part of the background as all of the other events played out.  I don't know much about this time period so it was interesting to see how even after the Restoration, the tensions were still very high among everyday people.  I liked the characters but it felt like it took a really long time to get to know them.  I didn't really start liking Alice and Wheeler until I was about half way through the book.

Overall, the story was unique and interesting but I feel like there could have been so much more to it. 3 stars.

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