Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February Wrap Up

I don't know whether to be glad February is over or scared that it is March.  February was not a good month but March is going to be insane.  The blog has been kind of slow lately and it may continue to be that way for a while until life calms down a bit.

I had a good reading month.  I read 7 books in February so now I am at 13 for the year.  Goodreads says I am on track to hit my goal of 80.

Here are my February numbers:

-7 books read
   -0 non-fiction
   -3 historical fiction (I am now at 6/25 for the Historical Fiction Challenge)
   -2 review
   -3 library books
   -2 books I own (both were ebooks)

I'm actually pretty happy with these numbers.  I hope to read at least 2 books I own in March as I'm a little behind on my goal of reading 20.  I started a non-fiction book last week but with everything going on, I just couldn't focus on it.  Right now, I really need books that are light and easy to read.

On the blog in February:

-11 posts
     -3 reviews
     -1 wrap up post
     -2 Mailbox Monday posts
     -2 spotlight/book blast posts
     -2 FitReaders posts
     -1 Bookish thoughts post

I really need to start writing more reviews.  I need to come up with a way to make time to just write up even a quick or mini review for the books I read.  Hopefully, I can have a little more content on the blog in March.

How did February go for you?  Are you meeting you reading goals?

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  1. Wow! You had a great month for reading! I'm glad March is here and Spring is in sight.


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