Friday, May 6, 2016

April 2016 Wrap Up

Thank goodness April is over!! What an awful month that was.  I had a major reading slump and dealt with a ridiculous amount of work stress and drama.  I am so glad that May is here and hopefully it will be a kind of fresh start. 

I hit a serious reading roadblock this month.  There was a whole week where I read nothing (except some stuff for school).  I just had no motivation to read. I somehow managed to get through 4 books  which I probably only got to because I participated in the read-a-thon.  I'm at 19 books out of 52 for the year and according to goodreads, I'm ahead so I guess it's not all bad.  The class I'm taking ends next week so I'm hoping for a better reading month in May.

I don't normally do this but I am setting monthly reading/non-reading goals for the month to help me focus a little bit.

1.) Read one non-fiction book
2.) Read a book I own
3.) Spend less money
4.) Exercise regularly
5.) Clean my house (!)

Here is what I read in April:

1.) The Virgin's Spy by Laura Andersen
2.) The Dark Lady's Mask by Mary Sharratt
3.)  Promised to the Crown by Aimie K. Runyan
4.) The Virgin's War by Laura Andersen

My April stats were:

-4 books read
   -0 non-fiction
   -4 historical fiction
   -3 review books
   -1 library books
   -0 books I own
   -4 ebooks

I hope May is a wonderful month for you all!

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