Monday, June 3, 2013

May Wrap Up

 Whew!  May is over!  It was such a busy month for me except when it came to reading.  I didn't read very many books in May but I am still doing really well on my reading goal for the year.  In May, I only read 6 weeks.  I struggled with some of the books I read in the middle of the month and there's one I started that I still haven't finished yet.  However, I have read 51 books this year and my goal is 75 so I should be able to hit that with little problem (I say that now but who knows what will happen when the baby gets here!).

I have no idea how much I will get read in June considering that my due date is three weeks away!  Hopefully I can get a couple books in before she arrives.

Here is what I read in May:

1.) Birthing a Better Way by Kalena Cook
2.) Royal Mistress by Anne Easter Smith
3.) Of Fathers and Sons by Evan Ostryzniuk
4.) Gracianna by Trini Amador
5.) The Unfailing Light by Robin Bridges
6.) One Breath Away by Heather Gudenkauf

What did you read in May?  How are you doing with your reading goals?  Happy June everyone!


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