Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bookish (and Not So Bookish) Thoughts (7)

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1.) My sweet baby Julia turned 1 on Saturday!  We had a big party for her and it was so much fun.  I am really excited for all the fun things the next year will bring.

2.) A couple of weeks ago, we got some new couches.  I absolutely love them and the color they bring to our living room.

3.) I've known for a while that I was having some issues with my blog posts showing up on bloglovin' but I was struggling to figure out how to handle it.  A few weeks ago, I finally figured out what the problem was and got it fixed.  Yay! Now people can see what I post.

4.) Written in My Own Heart's Blood by Diana Gabaldon came out on June 10!  I have been waiting for it for 5 years but I think it came out at a bad time for me.  I am struggling to get into it.  I may finish listening to the 2 books preceding it and then dive back in.

5.) I've been kind of in a reading slump.  The end of May/beginning of June was rough and I was struggling to want to read.  I've read a couple books in the past few weeks that have kind of pulled me out of my slump so I look forward to fitting in some more reading time.

6.) My job has been kind of ridiculous lately and is a huge stress in my life.  I am so tired of the drama!

7.) We bought Julia a play kitchen off Craigslist and she loves it.  She has the best time playing with it and it was a great deal!

8.) They have been building a newer, bigger library in town and it opens at the end of the month.  For the past year, the library has been housed in the old Border's building and has been pretty loud and crowded feeling (at least to me).  I can't wait to visit the new building! It looks amazing.

9.) I'm officially done pumping.  I'm still nursing Julia at home but no more pumping.  That means less reading time but at least I don't have to lug so much stuff to work everyday.

10.) I made Julia's birthday cake and it wasn't super great.  I'm pretty out of practice at decorating cakes but I really need to start working on that.  A good friend of Jordan's asked me to make their wedding cake in June so I need to get practicing.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!


  1. Belated happy birthday for your daughter! I plan on reading Voyager this summer so it is probably gonna take me some time to get to Written In My Own Heart's Blood. Happy reading!

    1. Thanks! Voyager was one of my favorites! I hop you enjoy it.


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