Thursday, September 4, 2014

August Wrap Up

August was an amazing reading month for me!  I read 11 books this month!  I hit my goal of 50 books read and reset my goal to 75.  As of the last day in August, I've read 55 books.  I need to read 5 books a month for the rest of the year to hit 75 and I feel like that should be doable.

Work was crazy in August and while it's not as crazy, it's still pretty busy.  We're going to California next week so we're getting ready for that.  I'm taking a Russian class this fall and it's taking a lot more of my time than I thought so things might slow down a bit around here.  I'm also taking a class about Laura Ingalls Wilder (post to come soon) but it doesn't start until September 22. So this fall is going to be nuts!

Here is what I read this month:

1.) Written in My Own Heart's Blood by Diana Gabaldon
2.) Revenge and Retribution by Anna Belfrage
3.) Brotherhood of Fear by Paul Grossman
4.) A Little House Sampler by Laura Ingalls Wilder and Rose Wilder Lane
5.) The End of Innocence by Allegra Jordan
6.) Red Winter by Dan Smith
7.) The Kingmaker's Daughter by Philippa Gregory
8.) The English Assassin by Daniel Silva
9.) The Ashes of Heaven's Pillar by Kim Rendfeld
10.) The Farm by Tom Rob Smith
11.) Inglorious Royal Marriages by Leslie Carroll

What did you guys read in August?  Do you have big plans for the Fall?

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  1. Great reading month for you! I am listening to Written in my Own Heart's Blood, so it will take me a bit longer to get through it. Love the series.


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