Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 Bookish Goals and a Giveaway!

Happy 2016 everybody!  I am really excited for this year and all that it has to offer.  I have a lot of goals (both bookish and not) for the year and I'm excited to start working on them!  I usually share all of my goals here on the blog but this year I'm just going to stick with the bookish ones (mainly because I have so many!).  I will share some of what I am working on this year in future posts but I don't want this post to be six miles long so I'm leaving it out.

1.) Read 52 books- Typically, I read much more than this however, I plan to focus on different kinds of books this year and I don't want a high goal to distract me or stress me out.  If I read more, great but if not, I think focusing on one book a week is great.

2.) Read more non-fiction-I did really well with this goal last year but this year, I want to read even more non-fiction.  I am shooting for about 40-50% of my books this year to be non-fiction.

3.) #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks- Andi at Estella's Revenge is hosting a challenge to read books on your shelves already.  I have always set out to do this each year and failed miserably.  A few weeks ago, I purged my shelves of anything unread that I knew I would never read as well as anything I just don't want anymore because my shelves are ridiculously full.  This year, I'm really going to put some effort into it.  I have approximately 110 books (both ebooks and physical books) that I own and have not read.  The plan is read mostly what I own with some library books thrown in.

4.) Cut back even more on review books-Review books are always exciting and tempting but they also stress me out A LOT.  I cut back pretty significantly last year and plan to even more this year.  I would really like to keep my review books to under 15% of my total books for the year so I will need to be super selective about what I pick.

5.) Participate more in #FitReaders-I started off strong with this last year and then it fell to the wayside.  I was exercising a lot but not participating or posting updates.  I really want to do more of that this year.

6.) Put more effort into the Blog-If I'm going to keep having this little place on the web, I need to start doing more with it.  Expect to see more personal posts as opposed to only reviews (or nothing).

Giveaway (US/Canada ONLY)!

I have a bunch of ARCs that I thoroughly enjoyed but no longer want cluttering my shelves.  I would love to share them with one lucky reader!  Enter using the rafflecopter below.  (This giveaway is only for US and Canada).

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  1. I have many bookish goals this year. I really want to read more books than last year. I got only 26 books read and I had a goal of 40. The only excuse I have is that I am in grad school and have to read a billion articles so it made me really apathetic to any other reading materials. I want to read every one of my book club's choices this year and within the time limit which is usually a month so that should be too hard.

    1. It's so hard to read for pleasure during grad school! When reading is basically your job, it's not fun to do it when you don't have to.


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