Saturday, January 2, 2016

December Wrap Up and 2015 in Review

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you have had a wonderful holiday season!  I am so looking forward to 2016 especially since 2015 was kind of a bummer in general (except with regards to reading!).

December was a crazy stressful month and as much as I love Christmas, I am so glad it's over.  I actually read more than I expected this month and even went over my increased goal of 100 and ended the year with 102 books read.  

In December, I read the following:

1.) Anything for You by Kristan Higgins
2.) Asking for It by Kate Harding
3.) Bellagrand by Paullina Simons
4. ) Missing Pieces by Heather Gudenkauf-
5.) Little Mercies by Heather Gudenkauf
6.) The Indifferent Stars Above by Daniel James Brown
7.) The Bride by Julie Garwood

My numbers for December:  
-7 books read
   -2 non-fiction
   -2 historical fiction
   -2 review books
   -4 library books
   -1 books I own
   -5 ebooks

As I said above, I am really happy with my reading this year.  I met most of my reading goals!

1.) Read 80 books-I managed to read 102 books this year.
2.) Read 20 books I own-Technically, I met this goal but a bunch of the books I read were rereads so it wasn't as helpful at clearing my shelves as I would have liked.
3.) Read more non-fiction books- In 2014, I only read 5 non-fiction books and I really wanted to do better in 2015.  I ended the year having read 16 non-fiction books which isn't too bad!
4.) Cut back on review books- My goal was to drop from 42% review books read in 2014 to 25% in 2015.  24.5% of the books I read in 2015 were review books so another goal met! It was nice not to have the pressure that comes with reading a lot of review books with a deadline looming.
5.) Post more than just reviews-I didn't really do this.  I actually slacked on the blog a lot this year.
6.) Decide what to do with the blog-I didn't do this either.  I am still not sure what to do with this old blog.

My numbers for 2015:
-102 books read
   -16 non-fiction
   -39 historical fiction
   -25 review books
   -50 library books
   -23 books I own
   -51 ebooks
   -10 rereads

I'm excited to share my goals for 2016 with everyone.  Check back next week for that post!

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