Friday, June 27, 2014

Quick Review: "Growing Up Duggar" by Jana, Jill, Jessa and Jinger Duggar

From Goodreads:  In this delightful and very personal book, the four oldest Duggar girls share their hearts and their core beliefs, explaining that it's all about relationships!

Relationship with self: The girls share their own personal journeys to self-acceptance and navigating the difficult stage of adolescence.

Relationship with parents: You'll find revelations about how Jim Bob and Michelle keep the lines of communication open with their children.

Relationships with siblings: Here, you'll get a peek into the Buddy system, how the siblings handle conflict, and how the loss of little Jubilee (their sister) affected their relationships with each other.

Relationships with friends: You'll find principles on how the Duggar kids deal with peer pressure and how they interact with friends outside their family.

Relationships with boys: You'll learn the Duggar view of dating and courtship, and these four sisters will address the often-asked question of when one of them will get married.

Relationship with God: And woven throughout the book, the girls talk about their most important relationship of all their relationship with God and their own personal faith and beliefs.

This candid look into what Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger believe and why they believe it will give you practical insights into your own life and will inspire you to evaluate principles that will work for you.

My Thoughts:  The Duggars are kind of my guilty pleasure.  They are kind of like watching a train wreck...I just can't look away.  I've read their other books and had no problem with them but this book is so bad.  They seem like such nice girls on television but OMG, this book made me so angry.  There was a section where they discussed dressing modestly (which I have no problem with) but they basically say that girls should dress modestly so that boys don't get the wrong idea.  I wish I had written down the quote but it was something like 'boys should get their heads out of the gutter but girls shouldn't dress in a way that teases/entices them'.  WTF?  Why would their publisher let them say something so offensive?  I lost a lot of respect for them after that.  They also talked about how they spend a lot of time doing their hair and makeup because it is more pleasing to God when they look their best.  Really?  It seems really shallow to use God as an excuse for your grooming habits.  I had to laugh when they said their favorite places to shop were thrift stores; that's just silly and seems like propaganda that their parents make them say.  I could go on and on about how ridiculous this book was.  Overall, it was just plain bad.  Read at your own risk.  1 star.

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  1. Yikes! Although I'll admit the Duggars are one of my guilty pleasures too. I did read their first book, but haven't the rest. And while I know I won't necessarily enjoy this one, part of me can't help but want to read it.


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