Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts (10)

 I'm linking up with Bookishly Boisterous' Bookish (and Not So Bookish) Thoughts again today!  Check it out here.

1.) I finally got around to opening up a 529 college savings plan for Julia.  For some reason, this makes me feel like a grown up.  I don't think we'll be able to pay for her tuition in full but it's better than what the hubs and I had (which was nothing).

2.) The hubs gave me a gift card to Barnes and Noble for my birthday and I bought the Harry Potter boxed set.  It's so pretty (ignore the bad picture)!  I've decided to start a reread of them this year and hope to get through at least the first three books.  I've only reread the last book and I read books 1-5 over ten years ago so it's definitely time to go back to them.

3.) Speaking of rereading, I am taking the second half of the Laura Ingalls Wilder class this spring.  It starts in April and I can't wait to delve  into her later books.

4.) I have been reading slow.  I didn't love most of what I read in January; things are getting better this month but I still feel behind.  It doesn't help that goodreads keeps bouncing between telling me 'you're on track' and 'you're behind' in regards to my reading goal.  Thanks for the guilt trip, goodreads.

5.) Julia's birthday isn't until the end of June but I'm already thinking about her party.  I already know what I want to do for her cake and am trolling etsy for paper goods ideas.  I am not crafty by any means so I have to pay people to be crafty for me.

6.) We're finally moving into the 21st century.  I bought a Roku after Christmas so we could stream Amazon Prime onto our television.  Because of this, I have become completely obsessed with the show 'The Americans'.  The hubs is home this week in the evenings so I haven't been able to watch it and I'm having serious withdrawal.

7.) Valentine's Day...ugh.  I thought I could get away with skipping the valentines since Julia is only a year and half but I was wrong.  When I dropped her off at daycare, I noticed that each of the kids have little bags to hold the valentines they may get.  I totally punked out of giving gifts to all the kids at Christmas so I now have to throw something together for Friday.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh, I decided to lower my Goodreads goal this feels much better to exceed the goal, which is easy to do if I keep it low. Two years ago, it was 200; last year, 150; and this year, 100.

    I almost didn't even join the challenge...but then decided to do it at the last minute.

    Great book collection!

    I want to reread the Anne of Green Gables books...I have five of them on Kindle.


  2. I found your linky on the Bookish & Not So Bookish Thoughts linky widget. I just put mine up. I always forget to do it!

    Love that you bought the Harry Potter box set. I've read them all & would love to get the box set of the adult edition, with the black hardcover pages. It's on a wishlist for one day.

    I'm trying to avoid the goodreads challenge (even though I signed up for 100). That's still more than I can manage during semester but I hope that work life won't be so hectic and I can get more time to read.

  3. My husband was actually the one who started watching The Americans and then git me hooked. It's not the type of show I'd normally watch on my own, but I really enjoy it!


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