Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review: "Finding Chandra" by Scott Higham and Sari Horowitz

From Goodreads:   In the Fall of 2000 a Young Woman from an upper-middle-class California family left the West Coast for Washington, D.C., to begin an internship at the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Chandra Ann Levy was not unlike the thousands of college and graduate students who arrive in Washington as interns each year. She wanted to leave the familiar surroundings of her home in the San Joaquin Valley and find her own way in the nation's epicenter of politics and power. Seven months after arriving in Washington, Chandra signed off her computer inside her Dupont Circle apartment on a warm spring day and went for a walk in her gym clothes. She was never heard from again. Six years later, two investigative reporters revisited Washington's most famous murder mystery.
My Thoughts:  Wow.  I really had no idea how botched the Chandra Levy case was until I read this book.  It was shocking to read how the simple fact that Chandra had an affair with a congressman could totally misdirect an investigation.  This book begins with the disappearance of Chandra Levy and ends with the conviction of her murderer.  I remember seeing all of the reports of her disappearance and the scandal surrounding her affair with Condit but it appears that the police failed to do their job properly in this case.  From reading this book, one can see that the police moved all their manpower to one lead rather than looking deeper into the disappearance.  Her body might have been found sooner and her murderer prosecuted sooner if the sole focus of the investigation hadn't been on Condit.  I kind of felt bad for him; don't get me wrong, he is sleazy but he didn't deserve to have his career destroyed to the extent that it was.  It was a pretty frustrating read and I could not believe how long it took the police to find and convict Chandra's killer.  This was an easy read that kept my interest; if you like true crime books, you will like this book.  3 stars.

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