Friday, November 11, 2011

Review: "Maybe Baby" by Lori Leibovich

From Goodreads:  A few years ago, touched a primal chord when it hosted a series of personal essays about "to breed or not to breed question." In this expanded collection, more than two dozen writers weigh in on the fears, hopes, and uncertainty of the Big Baby Decision. Contributors include Anne Lamott, Mary Roach, Dani Shapiro, Michelle Goldberg, Laura Miller, Amy Reiter, and Cary Tennis.
My Thoughts:  I read about this book on another blog and since I am getting to the age where I am thinking about kids, I thought I would check this out.  It's a collection of essays by people who chose not to have kids, those that did and those that are still on the fence.  I think the mix of view points on kids made this book pretty interesting and it definitely gave me some food for thought.  I liked that no one essay tried to get the reader to agree with their outlook on whether or not to reproduce.  I think my favorite essay was about an Indian woman who felt that raising children in America was significantly more difficult than in India because of the lack of support system.  She chose to wait until her and her husband moved back to India to start a family.  There is also an essay by Lionel Shriver who wrote We Need to Talk About Kevin, a book that made me second-guess whether or not I should ever having children.  Her essay explained why she chose to remain childless and I found it to be thought provoking.  This book doesn't offer any answers to the big questions but I think it was well worth reading.  3 stars.

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