Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August Wrap Up

I'm so glad August is over.  I felt like I was in a funk for the whole month and I am hoping that September will be better!  Surprisingly, I did pretty well with my reading.  The first half of the month was pretty slow for me with regards to reading but I picked up some speed during the second half of the month.  I read 9 books this month for a total of 66 books read this year.  My goal is to read 80 books which I'm very confident I will meet; I'm actually hoping to make it to 90 this year but we'll see.

I have completely failed at blogging this month (see above mentioned funk) and am hoping to get my butt back in gear this month.  I hope to have posts up more frequently and I'm considering participating in RIP this year.

Here are my August numbers:
-9 books read
--3 Non-Fiction
--7 Library Books
--2 Historical Fiction
--2 Review
--5 ebooks
--0 Books I own

What I read in August:

1.) Making the "Terrible" Twos Terrific by John Rosemond - 1 Star
2.) The Liar by Nora Roberts - 4 stars
3.) The End of Tsarist Russia by Dominic Lieven - 4 stars
4.) The Witness by Nora Roberts - 4 stars
5.) The Messenger by Daniel Silva - 3 stars
6.) The Sisters of Versailles by Sally Christie - 3 stars
7.) One and Only: The Freedom of Having an Only Child and the Joy of Being One by Lauren Sandler - 3 stars
8.) A Desperate Fortune by Susanna Kearsley - 4 stars
9.) The Best Man by Kristan Higgins - 4 stars

How was August for you?  Are you on track to meet your reading goals?

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