Monday, October 12, 2015

Quick Thoughts on The Blue Heron Series by Kristan Higgins

1.) The Best Man
2.) The Perfect Match
3.) Waiting on You
4.) In Your Dreams

My Thoughts:  I don't usually read a lot of chick lit/romance type books but over the summer, I just really wanted to do some nice fluffy reading.  I kept hearing out awesome this series was so I decided to check it out.  OMG.  This series is the absolute best!  The characters are wonderful and the stories are each fun and romantic in their own right.  

The stories focus on the Holland family, their unmarried members and unmarried friends.  I love that all the characters are so normal; the woman aren't Barbie dolls and they all have their own unique set of problems and idiosyncracies.  Because they are so normal, they are incredibly relatable.  There are also a ton of funny one liners and some of the characters are just plain hilarious (Prudence is the best!).

All of the books are a little predictable/formulaic and all have a happy ending but I think that was what made them so enjoyable.  The Perfect Match is probably my favorite; I loved Honor and Tom's story so much and I think Honor is my favorite character of the whole series.  

The fifth book comes out in December and I can't wait!  If you are looking for a great romance series, be sure to check out this one! 

All books rated 4 stars.

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