Sunday, February 19, 2012

This thing called Twitter

Sooo, I finally broke down and got a Twitter account.  I am still not really sure how it works but I am mainly going to try to use it for the blog. 

Any tips or tricks I should know?


  1. When you post an announcement on Twitter you can use a hashtag (#) after important keywords. People use Twitter for search and can find you that way.

    For instance -- say you have a boook review to announce. You could tweet:

    Read my review of 'Title of book' #bookreviews

    When someone searches for bookreviews you're tweet will be given more prominence in the results.

  2. Twitter is basically like a never ending stream of conversation. And I always think of it as a river: I jump on when I do and ride out the current conversations and then jump off later.

    Don't worry about missing things, because it's constantly moving. :)

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