Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Last night was insane!! KU beat Ohio State to make it to the NCAA title game and town erupted!  We live pretty close to the heart of town so the hubs and I put on our walking shoes and headed downtown to celebrate.

This is the view behind us as we headed up the road. About 7 blocks were closed off so people had to head in on foot.

There was a sea of people and it took a lot of pushing to get through but this is what the main drag looked like for several blocks.  People were dancing in the street, playing drums, waving flags, hollering, etc.  It was really cool!

Another picture of people in the streets.  The atmosphere was completely electric and there were a ton of drunk people downtown. 

If we manage to win the National title town will be even crazier than last night!

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