Friday, June 3, 2016

May 2016 Wrap Up

Hey y'all!  May is over and summer is here!  I'm so excited to be done with my class (I got an A) and I'm ready for summer reading, the pool and binge watching NetFlix!

May was my best reading month for the year! I have read 26 books so far and my goal is 52 so I am half way there.  At this time last year, I had read quite a few more books but I'm pretty happy that I stayed on track considering how crazy the past few months have been.  I did set two reading goals for May (read a non-fiction and a book I own) and I managed to accomplish both of them.  I think for June I am going to shoot for two non-fiction and two books I own so we'll see how that goes!  I also am going to try to post something on the blog at least once a week.  I really miss the blog but need to get the motivation to work on it. I didn't do so hot with the rest of my May goals but oh well! I just started Couch to 5K again this week so I am excited to work on that over the summer as well.

Here are my stats for the month of May:

-8 books read
   -2 non-fiction
   -3 historical fiction
   -2 review books
   -4 library books
   -1 books I own
   -4 ebooks

What I read in May:

1.) The Beast by J.R. Ward - 4 stars
2.) Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll - 3 stars
3.) The Midnight Watch by David Dyer
4.) The Tsarina's Legacy by Jennifer Laam - 3 stars
5.) Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland by Christopher Browning - 3 stars
6.) Toddlers are A**holes, It's Not Your Fault by Bunmi Laditan - 4 stars
7.) Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates - 4 stars
8.) The Crown's Game by Evelyn Skye - 3 stars

Happy Summer!

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  1. I read and liked The Beast too. Congrats on the A!


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