Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Eastern European Reading Challenge 2012

I am officially insane.  I said I wouldn't commit to any more reading challenges but this was one I could NOT refuse.  The Eastern European Reading Challenge 2012 is being hosted by The Black Sheep Dances.  Half of the 81 books I own and need to read are about Russia or Eastern Europe so I figured that this challenge would only encourage me to read books I already own and need to read.  I am only planning to complete the 'tourist' level which is 4 books about Russia/Eastern Europe.  These can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, basically any genre.  There are already 2 Russian related books on my list of books for the TBR challenge but I am trying to not overlap books for challenges so I will read 4 additional books.

Here is what I plan to read:

1.) Education of a Princess by Grand Duchess Marie of Russia
2.) Catherine the Great by Robert K. Massie
3.) The Death of Ivan Ilyich and other stories by Lev Tolstoy
4.) The Voices of the Dead by HIroaki Kuromiya

I think this is very doable.  I had already planned to read these books this year and now I have to.  With all of my challenges I have committed to read 67 books this year which is extremely manageable compared to last year.

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