Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Top Ten Authors I Wish Would Write Another Book

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's topic is:  Top Ten Authors I Wish Would Write Another Book (debut authors, authors who seem to have taken a hiatus, OR for those who read classics authors you wish would have written another book before they passed)

1.) Anne Rice-I know she is still writing but I would love if she write another vampire or Mayfair witches book!
2.) Ann M. Martin-I was a huge Babysitter's Club fan when I was a kid and wouldn't mind seeing a current book with the old characters.  There's a new Sweet Valley book, why can't the BSC come back too?
3.) R.L. Stine-It would be so fun to read an adult Fear Street book.
4.) Elizabeth Kostova-I loved The Historian and The Swan Thieves was pretty good.  I definitely wouldn't mind seeing a new book from her.
5.) Tracey Chevalier-I have read Girl with a Pearl Earring 2 or 3 times and I enjoyed all of her other books but it's been a few years since she has written something.
6.) Mitchell James Kaplan-I read By Fire, By Water a month or two ago and it was such a good book.  I am really hoping to see another book by him soon.
7.) Paullina Simons-I know she has written a lot of books besides The Bronze Horseman trilogy but I would love it if she would write another historical fiction novel set in Russia.
8.) Suzanne Collins-Who wouldn't want to read a new book by the author of The Hunger Games?
9.) Kathryn Stockett-The Help was such a hit that I hope to see something new from her.
10.) Diana Gabaldon-I know she just had a new book come out but I sure wish she would hurry the heck up and finish the next Outlander book!!!

What authors are on your list?


  1. Great list- I would love to read another book by Mitchell James Kaplan too. I really enjoyed By Fire, By Water.

  2. Anne Rice is a talented, gifted writer- The Witching Hour was one of the best books I have ever read. Trust me - if I finished a book that thick (lame , I know) it had to be good. I felt like I experienced New Orleans when I read that book. I could see it all , although I have never been...

  3. Great list.

    Totally agree about Suzanne Collins and Kathryn Stockett.

    Laura @ The Traveling Owl

  4. I heard Paullina Simons is writing her next books around Alexander's parents, so that sounds good!

    I'd love an adult Babysitters Book. They were the first series I ever loved!

  5. Totally agree with Gabaldon!

    Tim O'Brien - it has been too long
    Louise Erdrich - can't ever get enough

    Didn't buy into the Stockett book, it felt disengenuous, and gratuitous. "Oh look at me, the southern liberal, am I not so open minded" (sarcasm implied) seriously?

  6. I totally agree about Gabaldon!


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