Thursday, March 8, 2012

Review: "Ripper" by Amy Carol Reeves

From Goodreads:  A paranormal mystery involving London’s most notorious killer

In 1888, following her mother’s sudden death, seventeen-year-old Arabella Sharp goes to live with her grandmother in a posh London neighborhood. At her grandmother’s request, Abbie volunteers at Whitechapel Hospital, where she discovers a passion for helping the unfortunate women and children there.

But within days, female patients begin turning up brutally murdered at the hands of Jack the Ripper. Even more horrifying, Abbie starts having strange visions that lead her straight to the Ripper’s next massacres. As her apparent psychic connection with the twisted killer grows stronger, Abbie is drawn into a deadly mystery involving the murders, her mother’s shadowed past, and a secret brotherhood of immortals—who’ll stop at nothing to lure Abbie into its “humanitarian” aims.

My Thoughts:  I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  I was really surprised by how good this book completely sucked me in and I wound up reading it all in one day.  The story moves really fast and is pretty well written.  There were some really great characters but Abbie is by far the best.  She was strong-willed and smart and could kick some serious butt.  She's also psychic which turns out to be kind of creepy because she can see where Jack the Ripper is going to strike next.  The combination of the Ripper murders and paranormal activity make this story intriguing and kept me wondering what would happen next.  There was a love triangle but it was not a huge part of the story so it didn't overpower everything else that was going on with Abbie.  And let's be honest, Abbie was way cooler than the two guys who were interested in her so it didn't really bother me.  The end was a little open-ended so I don't know if the author plans to write a sequel or not.  I don't think one is necessary but it could be done.  Overall, this was a fun mix of the historical fiction, mystery and paranormal genres.  4 stars.


  1. Great review! Sounds really interesting. I love historical fiction and then with the paranormal sounds like a great pick :)

  2. So glad you enjoyed Ripper, I must check to see if it is still alive on my mayhave gone pfffft!!!

    Thanks for your thoughts on it:D


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